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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


There are many ways to capture the one you've been looking for. But the old saying goes "The way to ones heart is through their stomachs." I myself am a firm believer of the saying. For years, I've cooking for dates and each date has been exciting, fun and entertaining. So today, I'm going to give you a 13 reasons why you should cook for a date.

1.This is a good way to get to know your date better.
2. It's a great way to invite someone over for a date.
3. You can be more intimate in a private setting
4. You can be yourself in your own environment without being nervous about what to eat.
5. Gives you a chance to plan future dates if all is good.
6. You can show off your cooking skills and charm the pants right off of him/her.
7. Gives them a chance to come back for more of your home cooked meals.
8. You can show your date you got more going for you than just your good looks.
9. You can be creative and create the perfect evening with a movie, some good music and great food.
10. Gives you a chance to express your feelings through the meal that you prepared.
11. Timing is everything…So cooking slow will give you plenty of time to talk.
12. Cooking for a date can be fun and exciting.
13. You save a lot more money dining in…then dining out!

Michelle Cunningham, 41, an aspiring writer and entrepreneur, is following the age-old cliché- 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach' literally. Standing on busy street corners, holding a cardboard sign that's seen better days and covered with autographs, with a big smile and gregarious attitude, she brings grins, waves and double-takes from all who see her…but does it work? A man will see her, stop, and ask her if she's serious. If there is any mutual attraction, and they agree to a dinner date, she prefers to chat on the telephone for a week, and if that goes well, she will then meet her hungry suitor at a supermarket, where they pick out all the groceries needed for his favorite meal. He forks out the cash, then they go off to her place where she'll whip up anything from genuine soul food to her award winning lasagna.

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  1. I never cooked for a date when I was single. I did want to see them again!

  2. I, on the other hand, would say that the 13 above is all good. Besides, the whole concept of dining at home is more appealing to me.

    Happy Thirteening!!

  3. Loved your list. My daughter had a date with her boyfriend last night who cooled her dinner.

  4. Great list. When my husband cooked for me the first time it was wonderful!

  5. A lot of these things I tell my son, who likes to cook. Happy TT!

  6. I used to love cooking with the Tour Manager. It was very symbolic of our relationship: partners working toward a shared goal.

    We still have that cool balance in our relationship (asking one of us to do something is like asking us both to, for the most part), but now he rarely lets me help in the kitchen.

    Maybe he got tired of my bad food puns and roving hands... *grin*

  7. Every once in a while, my husband and I would drop off my son to his parents and then we would have a "date" at home ; ) Great list! Thanks for dropping by my T13.