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Monday, November 14, 2011

Guest Blogger: Author S. Monique Smith

As I started writing my story, “Iam the Ancestor,” I became overwhelmingly compiled to bring awareness to many areas that have affected my life. The immediate are:

Sharing of one’s history is nothing new, but are people really educating their children about their roots and the importance of them. Good or bad, parent must continue to empower them with that knowledge; they may even enlighten themselves during the process. 

Elementary children with cell phones may be ok for many, but do parents and care givers have a STRONG plan enforced with them about their safety and surroundings.  Let them know that the boggy man is not just something that they imagine under the bed or peeking from the closet—it’s lives amongst us. Oh yea, the boggy grows as they grow and changes often. Worst of all, it’s not always a deformed evil looking creature, which only appears once they’re alone. 

Blinded eye people – Any person who KNOWINGLY fails to perform their duties are partially responsible for damages and harm they allow to take place. There are all types of signs and processes that are being ignored by them which should immediately be acknowledge in any possible way.  Blinded eye people are aiders and abettors for sharing in wrongful acts because their actions or, lack of. Family, Friends, Neighbors and Municipalities: 

If I can bring hope of any, to show proof that light IS at the end of the tunnel, that a cloud can be lassoed and can proudly shout…..I AM ABLE……………..GET READY, BE READY AND STAY READY……………………Thus: INSPIRED

Get to know Monique:

1. What’s so special about your book with so many others out there?
A. That I’m living the life as a ‘Missing Person’…because I am.

2.  Have you ever written a book before?
A. I have never neither written nor desired to write a book before now but felt the need to not only share my story with my children, but to the world in hopes of HELPING anyone….another innocent child more so.

3. Why a book now?
A. Sharing! It’s time for me to share MY story and to step out on faith with another project . . . Why now? Once one knows they are ready for something . . . IT IS TIME! I had opportunities before that were small….’it’s the season now I guess”.  Also, the resources I have now make it so much easier for the novice in this writing/publishing area.

4. What challenges are you facing?
A.  This a whole new arena for me. Way out of my scope. …Did I say WAY? So researching, educating myself and cherry picking the resources that could directly aid me in this process was priority…and COSTLY! People are NOT the professionals that they THINK they are.

5. Can you share anything exciting about the book?
A. Yes I can . . . my book is not just for me to share with my children. It will inspire people in so many other areas of their lives…I know and have been told DAILY since I’ve started. With that being said…I’ll be launching and advocating the importance of instilling in not just our youth, but how EVERYONE is an Ancestor….Stay Tuned.

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