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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday-13 Phrases or Words That Should Die

1. Piggyback - Leave the pigs alone, they have enough trouble with those angry birds.
2. When people die tragically, someone always says, "He was in the wrong place, at the wrong time." - How does that happen?
3. O.M.G. - No comment. 
4. Hater - If someone dislikes something or disagrees with you, it doesn't make him or her a hater.
5. Think outside the box. - What box? {looking around} Why not a bubble? Think differently people.
6. MySpace - Who still uses that thing?
7. Bucket List - Just live already!
8. Ghetto - Google the definition.
9. Skinny Jeans - It doesn't sound right.
10. Anything ending in -licious. Only bubble gum should end with "licious," nothing else.
11. Swag - Stop! You are using it inappropriately.
12. Who Dat! I love my New Orleans friends, but I cannot stand to hear or see these words in print. I always think about an old snaggletooth man with one gold teeth smiling in my face. SMH!  
13.  _____ didn't deserve to die. - Is there a committee making this decision? I hope they don't find me deserving.

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  1. We use outside the box a lot, but you're right. It could be a bubble!

  2. In full agreement on all of these. Add: People who end almost everything they say with: "Y'know what I mean?"

  3. sounds like a good idea to me
    happy tt and wishing you a happy new year

  4. And the word, "like". As in, "liking this" on Facebook, or , you know, like, he went uh. And making nouns into verb, such "Facebooking" (Facebook is obviously ruining the language). Good grief. Maybe what we need are lessons on how to speak properly.

  5. Before all of the lovely circles and ovals we fill in now, we checked sturdy boxes on forms that helped sort us into predictable categories. That's led to "Think outside the box", which also touches on being "boxed in".

    Bubbles, on the other hand, are friendly, floating things that even on paper, don't seem as confining. Perhaps because our first exposure to bubbles as babies seems magical.

    "Think outside the bubble" might never catch on because of those positive connotations, but more and more people and companies are using the simplier, "Think differently", so the box may finally disappear. :)

    Happy T13,

    Year in Review

  6. Country Dew, How could I forget "like." Thanks for the reminder. Interesting Xakara. I agree Ron. Thanks for visiting everyone!