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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I had a discussion with a co-worker about people with doctoral degrees wanting others to refer to them as doctors. She said it should not matter and she was not going to call them doctors. I disagreed. She should call them doctors. Since I personally know individuals with PhDs and I started pursing my own, I want most people to call me Doctor Gibson – that has a nice ring to it. Here are 13 reasons why.

1. I earned it!
2. Respect
3. You would not walk into the doctor’s office and ask to speak to Mr. John Doe nor would you say “hi” Ms. Jane Doe.
4. It may inspire a young person to pursue an advance degree.
5. Because I asked you to refer to me that way
6. It matters to me.
7. So that I am reminded of my accomplishments as a well as the debt.
8. It proves that I can stay focus long enough to complete something.
9. It makes my mom proud when she hears those words.
10. It confirms some level of expertise when giving a testimony to congress.
11. I can become a principal investigator on a research grant without feeling inadequate.
12. I can pretend that I am a medical doctor.
13. I can write nonfiction books; speak at national conferences and charge a grip; and sell my books in the back of the room.

This may have exceeded 13, but I am on a role or a roll. I think that I will go cook something now. Thanks for visiting.

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Friday, May 20, 2011



Keshawn “KeKe” Flower is an 8 year old little girl who was taken in by her grandparents. Though Compton, Ca. was where she resided, the household and neighborhood in which she lived was far from ghetto. As a matter of fact it was close to perfection.

Unforeseen circumstances forces KeKe into the street life. Gang banging, dope selling, and numerous robberies are the highlights of her new life. It was go hard or go home and unfortunately there was no home.

The demon inside KeKe had turned into the Incredible Hulk. She flips the city upside down killin’ everything in sight. Rage is her new best friend and the streets of Los Angeles are learning first hand what KeKe brings to the game.
Real Talk with Queen B.G

Q: So how long have you been writing?
A: I always loved to write but I’ve been writing with purpose for about 10years.

Q: What inspired you to write?
A: My life’s journey. It was how I vented and coped with life. I found that the easiest and most powerful way to express myself was when using a pen.

Q: Who are some of the authors you look up to?
A: There are so many but I would definitely have to say Wahida Clark, K’wan, Omar Tyree, and JM Benjamin.

Q: What is the title of your book and what is it about?
A: Dealt the Wrong Hand is a story of a young girl who is forced out of her comfort zone and into making grown up decisions. She links up with the wrong crowd and gets so deep in the game she’s lost. With her life falling apart before her eyes she terrorizes the streets and finds herself torn between breaking the code of the streets or sentencing an innocent victim to death.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with this story?
A: I want to bring hope and shed light on the hood. There are young girls and boys going through this same situation everyday and may feel like no one understands. I want them to look at me and see themselves, not only in the content of my book but in the success of my life. And I want to open these grown men and women eyes to the effect they have on kids lives, whether at home or in the neighborhood.

Q: When you’re not writing what do you do?
A: I’m either working or spending quality time with my family.

Q: Can we expect anything more in the future?
A: Definitely! This is only the beginning of many more to come.

QUEEN B.G. was raised by her grandparents in Compton, Ca for the early part of her life. The foundation in which her grandparents provided aided her in succeeding in many things. At the age of 12 she was sent back to live with her parents inLos Angeles, Ca. It was there that she was introduced to the street life. Coming from a long line of gang members and not having too many options, she became a gang member herself at the age of 13. Her childhood consisted of violence, drugs, and nonsense. With her parents not being able to supply her with the foundation she craved so deeply things went down hill quickly. The constant contact with police, the lost of far too many loved ones, and being homeless opened her eyes to the reality of what the streets really had to offer her, NOTHING. And this is where her writing progressed. Now a mother herself, she is determined to be everything she didn’t have in her parents as a child.

With integrity and humbleness she embraces herself as a Queen not only in the game but in life. She currently resides in Los Angeles, Ca. with her four children and spends her free time enjoying quality time with them. Her novel, Dealt the Wrong Hand, is the first of many more books to come.

Find Queen BG at:

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Below are my top 5 burger joints. They are not in any particular order. What is your favorite?

1. In-N-Out Burgers
2. Fatburger
3. Five Guys
4. Red Robin
5. Rally's

Bon app├ętit!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Mary is a local adult porn star looking for a way to finally tame her childhood demons born from childhood sexual abuse. She abandoned her church and her family to seek fortune and fame in adult films. She settled into a world filled with sex, drugs and money. But after her abuser dies, Mary questions her chosen path. She comes to a crossroads when she meets Derek, a young new pastor of a church in her neighborhood. Can she finally let go of the past and seek the relationship with Christ she never thought she could have?
Derek is a young new pastor in Mary’s neighborhood struggling to get rid of the shadow of corruption and religious abuse that his father left behind. When he attempts to make much needed changes in the church, he is faced with opposition from his older congregation and his long time girlfriend who wants him to give it all up and marry her. Derek handles this stress by indulging in his secret addiction to pornography. Filled with guilt and shame, Derek questions his call to the ministry until his path crosses with Mary. Is his faith strong enough to pass this ultimate test?

JESSICA T. ROGERS has wanted nothing more than to write her entire life. At an early age, she drew her inspiration to write short stories from children’s books graduating to romance novels and Christian novels. She temporarily put her dream on hold to work as a journalist and raise her family. After allowing her stories to sit on her computer for years, she finally decided to self publish her first novel. She recently re-dedicated her life to the Lord, making a personal vow to serve God by sharing the gospel through her novels. Her first novel, By the Grace, was published under her self publishing company, Way of Grace Media, in December 2010. Jessica is currently working on her next project, The Conversation, to be released in late 2011.