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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy New Year From The Food Temptress

Welcome new and loyal followers! Many great things are in store for the blog in 2012. They include: 

ü      New homemade recipes with photo images
ü      Spicy dating and relationship articles
ü      A heaping of food holidays
ü      More product reviews 
ü      Guest bloggers who focus on food and romance
ü      Guest Blogger Guidelines

Additional features and surprises will be added to push novice cooks out their comfort zones, creating plenty of smiles at the dinner table. What are you looking forward to seeing on the blog this year? Leave your comment below. Thank you for your support. Cheers!  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy National Peanut Butter Day - Let's celebrate!

How are you going to celebrate this food holiday?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Guest Blogger - Author Armond E. Mosley

1.      What is Rededication about? 
 Rededication is an honest account of one man’s struggle with faith and sexuality.  Most who’ve grown up in the church have been in positions where what the Bible says and what the world says contradict one another.  This reality has the potential to cause much anxiety and strife for a Christian seeking to live God’s way.  If we’re honest about it, the church typically avoids the issue of fornication aside from admonishing it when evidenced by pregnancy or shacking up.  It’s easy to deal with the outcomes or consequences of sexual impurity, but rarely do we deal with the origins in a preventative manner.  Rededication takes an introspective look into my past and delves into the deeper motivations behind my desire to turn away from God and do things my way.  Additionally, it walks the reader through my moment of sincere repentance and ultimately, my road to restoration. 

 2.      Why did you write Rededication?
 As I went through my journey of rededication and began to diligently seek out help to aide me in my efforts to become sexually pure, I realized that there wasn’t much content available from a male perspective (especially black).  I looked and looked and what I found most common were books written by women or white males.  Nothing against those authors and one in particular did help me, but I was looking to affirm my journey through the story of someone who looked like me.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find much that I could relate to and so, as I began my journey God made it clear that I was to keep note of my own trials and tribulations as one day I would create the very content that I had longed for.  So, I wrote it 1st out of obedience to God and 2nd to fill a gap that I believed (and still do) existed in the market for books on sexual purity written by black men.

 3.      What makes Rededication unique from other books that speak to celibacy/abstinence?
 Of the books that exist that deal with the issue of celibacy/abstinence, most in my opinion are told from an existential viewpoint and seem to shield the author’s own indiscretions along the way.  Rededication is transparent, authentic and personal.  No punches are pulled and no stone is left unturned.  Why?  Because it wasn’t my story to keep to myself!  God made it clear to me that I had to tell the WHOLE story…not just the parts that I was comfortable with.  And so, I believe what you get with Rededication is a real account of a real person dealing with a real issue that many face everyday.

  4.      Do you think your message of celibacy until marriage is relevant in today’s society?
Absolutely!  Society would have us believe that it’s a lost cause and that serial monogamy is the best that we can hope for.  However, I think the number of “kids raising kids,” STDs and divorces in our country (especially within the black community) point to a more pervasive issue at hand.   That said, I think if you bring this question under the context of the Christian faith, it becomes even more interesting.  Part of the irony of my story is that while I was engaging in premarital sex, I was also proclaiming Christianity.  So, I lived much of my young adult life in a “spiritually inconsistent” manner.   So much so, that when I did rededicate my life to Christ, many who knew me pre-rededication would make comments like “Oh, you found Jesus, huh?” or “You’re on that church kick now?”  This was a very shameful period for me because I had always known who He was…but obviously, my actions didn’t show it. 

 I say all of that to say, in writing Rededication I didn’t set out to convert the non-believer as a primary objective.  I wrote it to speak to the hearts of the professing Christians who have found themselves in a “spiritually inconsistent” state and are looking for a way out…a window of opportunity for their own rededication to Christ.  So, for this group, those who’ve felt the conviction  (whether they acknowledge it or not) associated with being outside of the will of God, I feel that the message of celibacy until marriage is very relevant.

 5.      What is the one thing that you would want our readers to know about you?
The one thing I’d want your readers to know is that I’m not perfect.  I’m just as flawed as the next man/woman.  Rededication clearly shows that and I want the readers to know that just because you aren’t perfect does not mean that you are unworthy of God’s love.  If that were the condition of His love, none of us would ever receive it.  At the end of the day, though we’ll never be perfect, our goal in life is to strive for perfection as taught through the Word of God.  Thank you for taking the time to read and may God bless and keep you is my prayer. Find the author:
Author Site:

Born in Huntsville, AL, Armond now resides in Norristown, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia) with his wife Nneka.  Currently, Armond is active promoting his first book publication entitled, Rededication: A Story of Sex, Repentance and Restoration, which will was released in May.  In his spare time, Armond enjoys reading, watching sports (though he admits he doesn’t have a favorite team) and spending time with family and friends.  For more information on Kingdom Workshops, visit  For more information on Rededication, please visit

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy National Popcorn Day!

The best three kinds of popcorn are: movie theater, Target Store, and Smartfood White Cheddar Cheese Flavored. Each brings its own uniqueness, but all provide the mouth with unstoppable joy. It will definitely put Lay's Potato Chips to shame. Enjoy a bag, bowl, box of popcorn today! 

How are you going to celebrate this food holiday?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Guest Blogger - Author Jae Henderson


As a child Tina “Tee” Long dreamed of having it all and as one of Memphis’ most sought after event planners everyone believes she’s achieved it. Even though creating breathtaking events and rubbing elbows with the social elite seems fulfilling, there’s one thing missing from her fairy tale life—her prince charming. After a string of failed, faith-challenging relationships this woman of God refuses to give up on meeting the man of her dreams. Tee knows in her heart that God will answer her prayers–SOMEDAY. Until then, she tries to remain prayerful and content by occupying her time with work, her sister’s drama-filled marriage and counseling wayward youth. When Tee is introduced to an incredibly handsome, retired NFL player named Michael Stokes, it seems that someday has finally arrived. There’s one problem. He’s been marked for death.

Michael Stokes thought life was over after a knee injury claimed his career as a NFL superstar. He realized just how wrong he was after dedicating his life to Christ and beginning on a wonderful new path as a motivational speaker and book author. He even meets Tee, a woman that makes all the other women he’s dated seem like a waste of time. But when his past comes back to haunt him Michael’s greatest fear is not the loss of his lucrative contract but losing the woman who must be heaven sent. Will Tee accept a man who has a killer on his trail and a surprising new addition to his family? Someday is full of adventure, excitement, thrills, laughter and love as Tee and Michael fight to stay alive in order to stay together.

After embracing careers as a radio talk show host, marketing and media professional, freelance writer and voice over artist, Jae Henderson is making her debut as an Christian/Inspirational romance author.

Through her website, Jae is constantly motivating women to embrace their virtue and accomplish great things. The I’m A Good Woman series, beginning with her debut novel, Someday, is an extension of that spirit of success and will impart lessons of love, perseverance and triumph. 

She is the former host and producer of On Point, a popular talk show geared toward youth and young adults. Other accomplishments have included serving as a contributing writer for the award-winning, syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show and a successful career as a voice over artist. Jae currently resides in her hometown of Memphis, TN.