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Welcome to The Food Temptress Blog!

The Food Temptress blog was created in 2009 to discuss the fiction book with the same title. The New Orleans goddess, Ambrosia, used food to seduce men and it changed them into the perfect guy. The blog also featured recipes and articles about food, relationships, and dating. On January 1, 2014, it became a food blog exclusively. I share my own recipes and those of other bloggers and chefs that I have tried in my kitchen. In addition, I review products that you might enjoy. 

I think Ambrosia exists in all of us. I hope to provide you with the tools to seduce the palate or to win the heart and mind of a mate. Please join me on this new journey by exploring the site and following the blog. I appreciate it. Thank you for visiting!

Bon App├ętit,

Rekaya Gibson
The Food Temptress